Our mission is to share and grow
the world’s blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge.

CoinDiskus intends to provide a solution for the creatives through decentralization. With CoinDiskus, individual information will be secure, censoring of information will be put at bay and the community will have the powers to decide on the direction of the project. Fans will be able to reward their best creatives using the native tokens or any other token that the community will choose to be supported by the platform. CoinDiskus will turn around how people view social media by adding value to the time spent on the platform. This will be achievable by ensuring the users earn through interaction and contribution on the platform. Whenever people spend time on the platform and view advertisements they earn some token in their social wallet. This way, people are not only enjoying the content, but also earning from the valuable time they spend on the platform. CoinDiskus intends to build a community of like minded individuals. Individuals who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Users can ask or answer questions on the platform and contribute to the knowledge in general.

Our Values

1. The power is with the community

We are building a product that we hope lasts forever. We want to be a strong and independent engine, this long term focus guides all of the decisions we make.

2. Autonomy is sustainability

We value experimentation, metrics-driven decisions, and speed of iteration. We push to production with every commit so we launch as soon as work is done and learn as quickly as possible.

3. Integrity is key

We value people who have great ideas but who also can quickly drive them all the way to bring their ideas into life.

4. Be direct and respectful

We expect and welcome constant feedback. We trust each other to be open and straightforward, so if you have anything in mind don’t hesitate to call us.