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cryptopunk 9998

There are a total of 10,000 Punks and each one of them is quite unique because of their distinct attributes meaning none can be the same as the other except for some conspicuous characteristics can be shared among them.

cryptopunk 9998 image.

CryptoPunk #9998 is an NFT that was launched in June 2017 by the New York based larva labs. It is characterized with long curly like hair and green sore eyes, making it unique. 

CryptoPunk #9998 made headlines as one of the most expensive nonfungible token after it was alleged to have been sold at $ 532 million making it top the list of the most expensive piece of art ever sold in history, though there is a twist to the story since what really happened was a wash trade, (the owner self-initiated the prosses of selling a product and then later on buy it themselves either at a lower or higher price just to mislead the market for their own gain) since the amount use to buy the cryptopunk9998 later ended up in the original wallet it had come from after being sent in there different wallets.

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