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How ODIN Protocol played a RugPull on its investors

How ODIN Protocol played a RugPull on its investors

What Is ODIN Protocol (ODIN)?

ODIN is more than just a decentralized ecosystem and an oracle! It not only provides its partners with off-chain to on-chain, real-world data in cases like DeFi, betting, forecasting apps or NFT, it also governs the “$GeoDB” data flow from the very same ecosystem by applying the dPoS consensus, incentivizing its participants to actively contribute and keep the network in a constant high quality, always self-improving state!

ODIN’s open protocol grants a sustainable economy by democratizing and revolutionizing the over 260B $ Big Data industry. It´s establishing a beneficial bridge and an open ecosystem for ALL its market participants.

This is what ODIN has to say about themselves. It has been beds and roses for ODIN investors until 21st April 2022 when their official twitter account posted the following tweet:

The tweet was followed by an almost 100% drop of the token value on market cap:

odin 100% drop

This agitated most of the fallen crypto supporters who took it on ODINs twitter account:

As of writing, most ODIN supporters have reached out saying they sent ODIN a message on what was going on, but no response was issued. Some have already considered it a rugpull. You be the judge. Could this be another static of investors falling prey to the project they supported dearly??

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